About Bob Bassett and the Kimball Pond Boat Barn

Photo by Alan LaVallee I got my first boat at age eight or nine from birthday money. It was a seven foot pram and I have had at least one boat all of my life from that day on. Most of that time I have had many boats. I worked on my own boats and canoes as well as some friends' boats. I did carpentry on homes most of my life until the early 1990s when I took a job at Eastern Marine in southern New Hampshire. For 7 years I did wood working on boats that they made out of fiberglass. Most of the work was in the cabins on so called lobster yachts. Then in 2000 my wife and I moved to Maine, built the Kimball Pond Boat Barn, and started looking for winter work on small boats and canoes. Now I am working most of the year in the shop along with some small carpentry jobs. This winter I am building a new paint shop so I will have a dust free space for all paint & varnish jobs.

All the work is done at the shop: woodworking, painting, varnish, canvas, filling, caning, paddle making, etc. I also can build new boats or canoes but prefer to work on boats that already exist. We need to use what we have so I can make your boat of canoe ready for the water like when it was new.

Thank you,

Bob Bassett

Photo by Alan LaVallee

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